Monday, October 23, 2017
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Orange Peel Quilt Finished

I finished piecing this quilt a while ago, but I was debating whether to hand quilt this, machine quilt it myself, or ask someone else to machine quilt it for me... I finally decided to go with choice #3. I dropped the quilt top off at my friend's who does machine quilting. I happened to have enough bias tape I made a long time ago and the colors went perfect with the quilt. Don't you love when things work out like that? I quickly binded the quilt and took advantage of a beautiful Autumn day to take some pictures. I spread the quilt to take a picture and my dog must have thought that was an invitation for him to sit and chill... He kept coming back no matter how many times I would shoo him away. I decided to change the location to the near by bridge. There were some beautiful yellow and orange leaves still on the trees that gave me a gorgeous background for my picture. I love how this turned out and it motivates me to finish more quilts I have started this year.

Navy Lace Alston Dress

I wrote this post ages ago and just now got around to taking pictures of the dress! I wore this dress to another wedding this past weekend though, so just swap out "New York" for "St. Louis" and it basically all holds true! Last weekend, one of my dear friends got married. It was a whirlwind trip to St. Louis and back but it was so, so worth it to see all my college roommates and, of course meet the brand new Mrs. Alston for the first time! She looked beautiful, the party was fantastic, and I wore a new navy version of the dress named in her honor. This whole dress started back when I wanted a new dress to wear to this season's weddings and was feeling uninspired by my pattern collection. (I even looked on Rent the Runway before realizing that it's not slightly embarrassing to wear non-me-made things now, because everyone asks if I made xyz and I hate having to admit that no, I didn't! Do you have this problem? Just me?) After a while looking around at all sorts of patte..

Free Fun: Never Fail Watch Cap

Knitstrips is back! With a worsted-weight hat pattern that that will guide you visually through a provisional cast on and a Kitchener-stitch graft.

Puerto Rico flag made with burlap fabric.

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How to Sew the Perfect Quilting Seam Allowance

INSIDE: How to Sew the Perfect Quilting Seam Allowance. When piecing a quilt it is a truth universally acknowledged that all seam allowances must be exactly, precisely, and perfectly one-quarter-inch. Has This Happened to You? Your 12″ x 12″ quilt block measures 11.5″ x 11.5″ Seamlines don’t match up on your quilt top. You can never get triangles to sew together correctly. What’s the Problem Here? Let’s say you follow all of the directions in the quilt pattern to achieve a 12″ x 12″ block. You’ve used a 1/4″ piecing foot and measured the seam allowance to find that it is a perfect 1/4″ from the seam to the raw edge. Once the block is complete it measures 11″ x 11.” If you’re having trouble with your quilt blocks not turning out in the right size it may have something to do with your seam allowance. Click to read the rest...

[Machine Qs] White 1866 needle not moving

Hey so I picked up a white 1866 machine for cheap in hopes to make pouches and stuff for my hedgehogs. I got about 5 inches into my first project and the needle no longer goes down with the foot is pressed. The machine makes noise like the motor is moving but the needle isnt doing anything. ( I can manually move the needle up and down with the knob). Im dumbfounded on where to start in fixing this issue. Any help would be appreciated as googling anything for a white 1866 seems non-existent . submitted by /u/Brotaoski [link] [comments]

Replaced the broken zipper of my jacket with buttons and loops.

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Singer Merritt 2404 questions

My first question is, does anyone know how to adjust the bobbin tension on this machine? It's too high. Second question, any ideas for adjusting the speed of the foot control? I've already replaced the one that it came with with a new one, but it's still too fast. Unless you're EXTREMELY careful and OH SO GENTLE, which is really hard when you're concentrating and suck at sewing like I do, it goes super fast and messes up what I'm working on. Thanks. submitted by /u/msminnamouse [link] [comments]

DIY Pumpkin Costume Project [Sponsored by Baby Lock]

Watch video to learn how to sew an adorable children's pumpkin costume using a pillowcase.

fabric question re minky

Does Minky fabric ravel? Or, rather, unravel? submitted by /u/gotbutt [link] [comments]

Video: DIY Pumpkin Costume Project [Sponsored by Baby Lock]

Watch to learn how to sew an adorable children's pumpkin costume using a pillowcase.

Pattern help please – self-lined midriff

Hello threddit! I'm looking for help understanding a pattern. I am making a dress (McCall's 7350) and am quite confused by the midriff section. Pattern Instructions: Finished Product: My bodice is now complete (pictured in step 25). The midriff pieces are as follows: 2 identical pieces for the midriff itself (#6, exterior of garment) and 2 identical pieces of the same fabric for the stay (#7, interior). I believe that step 22 is telling me to gather the sides of each piece of #6 (not attaching the two #6s to each other). I have completed the gathers on each #6 piece, 4 in total. Step 23 is where I am stuck. Where it says "pin wrong side of midriff to right side of stay" I'm assuming that it means to attach one #6 piece to one #7 piece and then do the same thing with the remaining 2 pieces. The basting appears to be going around most of the attached pieces but not all the way. In my experience, an incomplete baste is..

Anyone know of a v-neck pattern like this? Doesn’t have to...

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Bee Happy Sew Along…Week Nine!!

Good morning cute people!!We are moving right along and are already on week nine:) Are you ready to roll? Grab your fabrics and your... Bee HappySew Simple Shapes... And let's finish up row four:) The last block in that row is this one...Coral Flowers:) The Sew Simple Shapes from the set that we will be using are:D1 D2 D3 D4 D20 Run the 2 "Holly" solid strips through the 3/8" bias tape maker(remember that's the purple one that looks a little different from the others) Press your background fabric in half both ways...and then again in half diagonally both ways as well. Sew and prepare your appliqué shapes using the same steps that I have given in all of the other blocks:) Cut your stems to measure 9" long and glue baste right down the center of the diagonal like this. the large flower right in the center and top it with the circle center. The flowers measure about 1 1/8" from the outside edges. Make sure you are keeping all five flowers straight and in ..

Embroidery Patterns – Picot Stitch and Pekinese Stitch | Hand Embroidery...

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Matching Leotards-and headband for the girls from leftover fabric that I...

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Lots of people like seeing each other’s sewing areas. There wasn’t... Please stop by! Maybe we can get it up & running! submitted by /u/CeadMileSlan [link] [comments]

Overwhelmed by sewing machine options, please help

I am buying a new machine for my daughter for christmas. She is 10 about to be 11. She is really getting into cosplay, but the machine I borrowed from my grandmother for her to use is too touchy. It's an old Kenmore from the 70s, solid as a rock according to the guy that serviced it but super sensitive on thread tension. She can't keep it right. So, I'm looking to spend around $100. Does she need a free arm? I guess the automatic needle threader would be great. I've read so many Amazon reviews my eyes are blurring on the screen. submitted by /u/DarkoMilicik [link] [comments]

by hand london Anna dress made from old kimono

hi hi!!! One of my good friends and ~design partners gave me a big ol haul of old worn out kimonos their father had accumulated working at a Japanese culture society. I'm gonna say now these kimonos would have seen the trash bin if they hadn't given them to me. Trust me I was afraid to dissect them. The thing about kimono construction is that it's all thin rectangles sewn together then folded, darted, and basted into place . So, after dissection I was left with a bunch of thin rectangles lol. I've made the anna before and the 6 paneled skirt w thin pieces lended itself perfectly to the fabric. I went up a size to the straight size 6 so I can have some mobility lol. Other than that I made no alterations. It's a great pattern. Specs: Cotton kimono fabric body 6 paneled skirt w slit at the left side front Pleated bodice and short kimono style sleeves V neck w full self facing top stitched down at edge All felled seams 2 in hem Bias bound waistband Lapped zipper ..

essential sewing items and tips for beginners – a guide hi! i’m back with another sewing guide lol. this explains my person opinions on essential sewing items and my tips for beginners ! i’m only 24 but have been sewing since i was a baby so i have a lot of knowledge clogging up my brain lol. please check it out and know what you think! also what guide would you like to see next if you’re so inclined ? i was thinking fly front zipper, welt pockets, or setting a sleeve. ❤️❤️ submitted by /u/slutty_seamstress [link] [comments]