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Tutorial: Black cat Halloween treat pouches

Even small treats can be made special when you take some care with the presentation. Jodie & Jen from Eighteen 25 show how you can make these black cat pouches to hold Halloween treats. You won’t believe what they use… Read more ...
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Advice needed for novice- Attaching drilled Plastic to fabric

Hi there, I am the owner of a small startup business making heat welded bicycle bags. I have spent the last few months prototyping and honing in my skills in the heat-welding area to make my bags. My bags must use a Reel-Based Closure by design. This is where the trouble starts. Although I am lucky enough to not have to pick up a needle and thread for the whole rest of the bag, the plastic reel housing must be stitched onto the bag, and there isn't really a way around it that I can see. Does anybody know how you might attach such a thing? I took it to a local outdoor gear repairer, and she was about as befuddled as I am, so I'm just not sure how to move forward with it. I believe her main worry is that there just isn't really enough room to get in there and sew it using her machine. I'd love to hear ANY ideas anyone has. Thanks! Additional photos: Front and back side of the part needing to be attached, prior to holes being drilled through it. I am working on a jig..
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Advice, I want a tailormade blouse, but ++

I want to make it easier on the tailor. I have a green blouse that I love! I would like one in ivory. I have my moms old silk blouse that is 2-3 sizes bigger. Can I give the tailor my moms blouse to shape it like my favorite green blouse. OR would it be easier just to buy the ivory fabric and have them make it from scratch? I just want to make it the easiest and also for the best results from tailor submitted by /u/roxyj23 [link] [comments]

The Beginners’ Guide: How to print and assemble PDF patterns

While this post might seem like review for some of our readers, we still see quite a few questions about printing and troubleshooting PDF patterns in the CSC Community Facebook group. In particular, to beginning or returning sewists who may have only worked with printed patterns in the past, PDF patterns can seem somewhat intimidating at first glance. In this post, we’ll demystify the process of printing your PDF patterns at home or on a standard office printer so that you can hopefully be a confident PDF pattern user! Configure your printer settings Probably the most common issue that I see online when people struggle with printing PDF patterns is getting their printer settings correct. The two main settings that you need to worry about are Scaling and Paper size. If you set this correctly, you should have no major issues with your printout. For the examples in this post, I will be using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the popular free PDF viewing application. If you are not using Acrobat Rea..

Tutorial and pattern: Pumpkin patch applique design

This pumpkin patch applique design is cute for Halloween and all the way through Thanksgiving! Lisa from A Spoonful of Sugar shares a tutorial and a free pattern. Stitch it out and frame it up for a pretty piece of… Read more ...

Help needed! (McCall’s M7244) How do I improve the fit here?

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Machine Monday – Anything and Everything Machine-Related! – October 23, 2017

Do you have a question about sewing machines? Do you have any expertise when it comes to sewing machines? This thread is for you! Every Monday, you can ask and answer any question related to machines, including but not limited to: Should I upgrade my machine? What's the difference between a serger and an overlocker? Which brand of machine is the best? Does anyone else use the same machine as me? How do I clean my machine? When should I oil my machine? How many sewing machines should I own? And if you don't feel the need to ask any of these questions, or if you have any knowledge or expertise when it comes to machines, then please hang around, and help answer any questions you can. You're also welcome to show off your machine here, whether it's new, old, or your baby, we'd love to see it! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

I embroidered the Run the Jewels logo!

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Puerto Rico flag made with burlap fabric.

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[Machine Qs] White 1866 needle not moving

Hey so I picked up a white 1866 machine for cheap in hopes to make pouches and stuff for my hedgehogs. I got about 5 inches into my first project and the needle no longer goes down with the foot is pressed. The machine makes noise like the motor is moving but the needle isnt doing anything. ( I can manually move the needle up and down with the knob). Im dumbfounded on where to start in fixing this issue. Any help would be appreciated as googling anything for a white 1866 seems non-existent . submitted by /u/Brotaoski [link] [comments]

Replaced the broken zipper of my jacket with buttons and loops.

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Singer Merritt 2404 questions

My first question is, does anyone know how to adjust the bobbin tension on this machine? It's too high. Second question, any ideas for adjusting the speed of the foot control? I've already replaced the one that it came with with a new one, but it's still too fast. Unless you're EXTREMELY careful and OH SO GENTLE, which is really hard when you're concentrating and suck at sewing like I do, it goes super fast and messes up what I'm working on. Thanks. submitted by /u/msminnamouse [link] [comments]
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fabric question re minky

Does Minky fabric ravel? Or, rather, unravel? submitted by /u/gotbutt [link] [comments]
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Pattern help please – self-lined midriff

Hello threddit! I'm looking for help understanding a pattern. I am making a dress (McCall's 7350) and am quite confused by the midriff section. Pattern Instructions: Finished Product: My bodice is now complete (pictured in step 25). The midriff pieces are as follows: 2 identical pieces for the midriff itself (#6, exterior of garment) and 2 identical pieces of the same fabric for the stay (#7, interior). I believe that step 22 is telling me to gather the sides of each piece of #6 (not attaching the two #6s to each other). I have completed the gathers on each #6 piece, 4 in total. Step 23 is where I am stuck. Where it says "pin wrong side of midriff to right side of stay" I'm assuming that it means to attach one #6 piece to one #7 piece and then do the same thing with the remaining 2 pieces. The basting appears to be going around most of the attached pieces but not all the way. In my experience, an incomplete baste is..

Anyone know of a v-neck pattern like this? Doesn’t have to be a dress,...

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Matching Leotards-and headband for the girls from leftover fabric that I have

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Lots of people like seeing each other’s sewing areas. There wasn’t a sub for... Please stop by! Maybe we can get it up & running! submitted by /u/CeadMileSlan [link] [comments]
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Overwhelmed by sewing machine options, please help

I am buying a new machine for my daughter for christmas. She is 10 about to be 11. She is really getting into cosplay, but the machine I borrowed from my grandmother for her to use is too touchy. It's an old Kenmore from the 70s, solid as a rock according to the guy that serviced it but super sensitive on thread tension. She can't keep it right. So, I'm looking to spend around $100. Does she need a free arm? I guess the automatic needle threader would be great. I've read so many Amazon reviews my eyes are blurring on the screen. submitted by /u/DarkoMilicik [link] [comments]
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by hand london Anna dress made from old kimono

hi hi!!! One of my good friends and ~design partners gave me a big ol haul of old worn out kimonos their father had accumulated working at a Japanese culture society. I'm gonna say now these kimonos would have seen the trash bin if they hadn't given them to me. Trust me I was afraid to dissect them. The thing about kimono construction is that it's all thin rectangles sewn together then folded, darted, and basted into place . So, after dissection I was left with a bunch of thin rectangles lol. I've made the anna before and the 6 paneled skirt w thin pieces lended itself perfectly to the fabric. I went up a size to the straight size 6 so I can have some mobility lol. Other than that I made no alterations. It's a great pattern. Specs: Cotton kimono fabric body 6 paneled skirt w slit at the left side front Pleated bodice and short kimono style sleeves V neck w full self facing top stitched down at edge All felled seams 2 in hem Bias bound waistband Lapped zipper ..