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Facing My Quilting Fears & Quilt Festival – TWO Videos!

Facing My Fear & Quilt Festival – TWO Videos! Happy Tuesday! I have not one, but two(!) fun quilting videos for you! One is all about my recent trip to International Quilt Festival and in the second video, I face one of my Quilting Fears!! International Quilt Festival Can you believe that I have never been to the International Quilt Festival in Houston? This year, I finally got to cross it off of my quilty bucket list. Photo By Craftsy It was everything I thought it would be! I shopped, saw some beautiful quilts…….and even got in a little trouble with a police officer. (oops!) I also got to see a lot of Midnight Quilt Show fans which was my favorite part of the whole show! Photo By Craftsy We gave a sneak peek of an upcoming episode and I had a blast demoing some machine quilting! Photo by Craftsy Craftsy followed me around and made a special video episode of the Midnight Quilt Show…….check out the awesome quilts, booths and people (including none other than Jenny Doan of Miss..

The Absolute Best Way to Practice Free-motion Quilting

Almost every month I travel and teach free-motion quilting to quilters at guilds and quilt shops. I truly love it and I hope that everyone who takes a class from me enjoys it as well! But, inevitably, there comes a time in every class where I have to break the bad news…..to get better at machine quilting, you have to practice. I know, I know. It’s not exactly what you (or anyone for that matter) wants to hear. I so wish that I had that one tip, trick or even funny joke that would instantly make you a great machine quilter….But, unfortunately, I don’t. But before you leave my website in frustration…..there is hope! While you do have to practice, I have the absolute best way to practice machine quilting. It’s a technique from my soon to be released book, “Free-motion Meandering” a beginner’s guide to machine quilting. I developed this practice technique from teaching more machine quilting classes than I can count. It makes learning machine quilting manageable and helps prepare you for..

Once is a Mistake, Twice is a Design Choice

What happens if you start quilting a design and you don’t like how it looks? (You know it’s going to happen…..) Well, the last thing I would suggest is to rip it out. No one becomes a better quilter from ripping out quilting! Instead, if you don’t like how it’s looking, switch to a different design. It’s that easy! But in order to make it look intentional, I would make the same mistake again. To sum it up, “Once is a mistake, twice is a design choice.” In this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show, you’ll get to see this in action. But this isn’t something I just do in YouTube videos, I do all the time! Don’t believe me? What if I could prove it using a well-known quilt of mine, Impracticality? It was not only on the cover of a magazine, it was also on the cover of my book, “Quilting Is My Therapy“. With all that kind of press, the quilting must have been completely perfect, right? Come on, surely you know me better than that! When I started quilting Impracticality, I had thi..

Making Mistakes and Straight Lines with Rulers

So have you ever made a mistake a quilt? Silly question, right? Of course you probably have……..it’s just a part of quilting. But have you have made a big mistake when everyone was watching? Or even when it was being recorded? I can say that I have….and to make it better (or worse) it happened on the latest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show……ugh. Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I am ok with not being a perfectionist. I am also more than ok with sharing my mistakes….it’s how we learn, right? Well…..mistakes aside, it still a gorgeous quilt pattern with bright and bold colors. The quilt pattern is called Tiled Stars and the fabric used is the boundless solids. Before you watch the episode (and my epic mistake), I want to talk a little bit about the quilting. Over most of the quilt, I machine quilted a wavy all-over design. I could say that I love the texture it provides for the quilt (which I do) or I could say that it adds movement to the quilt (which it does). Truthfully, I..

Join Me for Build A Quilt: A New Block of the Month Experience

I can’t believe that it have been almost 2 years since I opened my quilt shop. It has been quite the learning curve, but I am sure having fun trying to figure it all out. Although I have to admit that being only 45 minutes from Missouri Star Quilt Company sure does help! This week at the shop, I launched a new block of the month program called Build A Quilt. After putting it all together, it occurred to me that maybe you all would want to quilt along with me as well. What is Build A Quilt? Build A Quilt (BAQ) is an exciting and easy way to complete a customized quilt, one block at a time. The quilt, which I designed exclusively for the shop, includes 12 blocks, 2 different color ways and 4 layout options. How to Join Joining BAQ is easy! All you have to do is pay a one time registration fee. Then, once a month, I will mail you the fabric and pattern to make that month’s block. Who doesn’t love happy mail?! But this is about more than just making a quilt! Participating in the BAQ Fa..

Busting My Stash on the Midnight Quilt Show

If there is one thing I know about quilters, it’s that we love fabric! We love touching it, folding it, and even collecting it. In this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show, I do a little “stash-busting” with a pattern that I designed. Shattered Frames Quilt I am not going to say that I have a large stash….instead, I will just say that I have been avidly curating fabric for quite some time. I finally decided to put some of my previous fabric to use and designed a quilt pattern that is perfect for several different prints. This quilt pattern is kinda like controlled improv piecing. It can be as random or as planned out as you’d like, which definitely fits my piecing personality. I love how I can make the fabric wrap around the corners without worrying about exact placement. I don’t know what that says about me, but if it’s wrong….then I don’t want to be right! Fondling Fabrics Digging through my stash was almost as fun as making the quilt! It was hard to narrow it to a just a f..

Machine Quilting the Tula Pink Bjorn Bear Quilt

There are times I work on a quilt and I think, “I should probably blog about this”. Then there are times that I work on a quilt and I think, “I can’t freaking wait to blog about this!!” Today’s quilt is definitely the latter…….it’s safe to safe that it’s a bear-y adorable quilt! Sorry for the puns, I just can’t help it! http://www.quiltingismytherapy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/20170911_063024-1.mp4 I just finished this quilt for Tula Pink, which she made using her newest fabric collection, Spirit Animal. It’s truly amazing, the colors are vivid and the prints are awesome….where does all her talent come from? To see some of the prints in the collection, click here. She made this quilt using Elizabeth Hartman’s super popular quilt pattern, Bjorn Bear. Seriously……the cuteness is too much! I am pretty sure I am going to have to make this quilt for myself…dang, there’s another project to add to my U.F.O. (unfinished object) pile. Machine Quilting Animals In my experience, I have le..

Deciding What to Quilt – Showing Off Your Fabric

When it comes to deciding what quilting designs to use on your quilt, start by identifying the most important part of the quilt. It could be the pattern, the inspiration behind the quilt, or the recipient. But sometimes, it’s all about the fabric! Tell me if this sounds familiar….. You finally, finally, finally used that fabric you have been hoarding, I mean, collecting. It was scary to cut into because it’s out of print, but you were brave and carried on and actually used it in a quilt. You patted yourself on the back, because you not only finished a quilt top, but used up some of your stash. But then dread sets in……how do you quilt it? You don’t want to ruin your beautiful quilt top…….so you set it aside until you decide the perfect quilting design. Sound familar? Or is that just something that goes through my head? Don’t answer that! Let’s just pretend you have a friend that has felt something similar. Well it just so happens that I recently machine quilted a quilt that fits tha..

Getting Wavy on The Midnight Quilt Show

I really hope that you aren’t tired of hearing all about the Midnight Quilt Show…..because I am having a blast making them. They are a lot of work but, man, do I have a lot of fun. I hope that joy comes through the episodes…..even if the patterns are a little challenging. Such as this week’s episode featuring the Frequency Quilt kit. So, right now I am going through a phase where I want to improve my piecing….(don’t worry, I am sure it will pass.) Normally, I think of the piecing as a way to get to the machine quilting. But I don’t want to be a “one trick” pony, so I’ve decided that it’s time to grow my skills. And nothing builds piecing skills quite like mastering Y seams….sometimes I really do make things hard on myself! But, in this episode I learn that they aren’t that hard to make, and I even share how I get my seams to lay nice and flat (Here’s a hint….it requires safety glasses). Quilting the Frequency Quilt As much as I feel like I have grown as a piecer, it’s definitely ni..

Quilting Swirls on the Midnight Quilt Show

Quilting Swirls on the Midnight Quilt Show Have you been wanting to learn how to machine quilt the Swirl Hook design? Learn that, and more, during this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show. Surfer’s Point Hey, ya’ll! It’s that magical time of the week when the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show is released. In this episode, I am working on the beautiful Surfer’s Point quilt. This quilt was designed by the amazingly talented Edyta Sitar using the Boundless Batiks fabrics. If they look familiar, it because I used the same fabrics in different colors in the episode featuring the Scrappy Stars quilt. (You can get the free quilt pattern here) While it might look intimidating, the Surfer’s Point quilt is actually easier to piece that it looks. I even conquered my fears of partial seams! And even though the blocks have a lot of little pieces, they are nice and big! You know I just love big quilt blocks that go together quickly! I’ll share the link to the video in just a bit, b..

My Brand New Craftsy Quilting Class!

Yay! For the first time in almost 2 years(!), I have a new Craftsy class. It’s called “Dot to Dot: Quilting With Piecing as Your Guide” I know, I know…..I already have a Dot to Dot Quilting class on Craftsy. But this class is different. I show you how to quilt the basic shapes that make up all the Dot to Dot Quilting designs and then where to actually use them on your quilt! After traveling and teaching this class so many times, I know the questions that quilters have and I know the designs that are impactful AND easy. My hope is that you will not only learn how to quilt some fun designs, but also where to use them on your quilts! If you have been reading my blog for any time at all, chances are that you have seen me mention Dot to Dot Quilting more than a few times. It’s a technique that I have been doing since 2012 and it’s also been my most requested class to teach to guilds and quilting groups. And all that expertise is wrapped up in this one class. The class also comes with qu..

A Quilty Confession & The Midnight Quilt Show

A Quilty Confession It’s the most wonderful time of the week…….Wednesday! This day signifies that we are halfway to the weekend and that it’s time for the newest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show. But first, I want to tell you a quick story…… Once upon a time a new quilter was excited to start her third quilt. This quilt was going to be a special gift for someone important. Even though she was a new quilter, she wasn’t daunted by the fact the pattern was a Lamoyne Star with Y seams…..she figured it couldn’t be that hard….. It took her forever, but with a lot of help from her Grandpa and with just a little bit of cursing, she finished the quilt top. She even hand quilted it with help from her husband. When she finished the binding and admired the special quilt…..she was hit by a pang of sadness at the thought of giving it away. In a moment of weakness, she decided to keep the quilt. She rationalized it by thinking that since the intended recipient wasn’t a quilter, they might not ..

Carpenter’s Star Free Quilt Pattern – Midnight Quilt Show

Midnight Quilt Show Returns Finally….after weeks of waiting, a new season of the Midnight Quilt Show is here! This week’s episode includes a bunch of laughs (I hope), a free quilt pattern and quilting diagrams…..keep reading to find out more. Carpenter’s Square This episode features an easy quilt pattern that most quilters know and love, the Carpenter’s Square. But what makes this quilt especially fun is the fabric placement. Instead of just 2 or 3 colors, this quilt is a bouquet of fun floral prints. It gives the quilt a cheery, scrappy feel! About the quilting: As much as I love piecing quilt tops……..you know I really, really love quilting them. In my opinion, a quick and easy-to-piece quilt pattern just helps me get to the quilting quicker. Picking out the quilting designs wasn’t difficult at all. The bright and cheery fabric used in this quilt gave me the perfect inspiration…..flowers! The flower meander not only has a beautiful texture, it’s also a design that looks great on ..

New Midnight Quilt Show Episodes – Plus A Giveaway!

What a happy, busy summer it has been so far! It’s been great to spend time with family and even to sneak in a little bit of work at the quilt shop. But all that family time means that there has been just a *little* gap in between episodes of The Midnight Quilt Show. If you haven’t seen all the episodes, it just so happens that I have compiled them in one place. You can click here to binge watch, although you might want to make sure you have your “quilting juice” handy. (I mean, if you are into that kind of thing!) New Episodes Coming Soon It may have been awhile since there’s been a new episode…..But, the good news is that you won’t have to wait too much longer! Brand new episodes of the Midnight Quilt Show are starting up on August 9th…whoo hoo! In this season, we are going to see everything from an easy-to-be-piece Carpenter’s square quilt….. …..to a very special quilt for a new baby in my life! Oh heck no, I’m not pregnant, I am going to be a new aunt in just a couple of month..

Machine Quilting the Flower Meander – A Video Tutorial

Quilting the Flower Meander – A Video Tutorial Hey! You wouldn’t happen to want another machine quilting tutorial, would you? I sure hope so, because I just so happen to have one ready for you. In this video tutorial, I show you how to machine quilt the Flower Meander. This design is featured in my very first book, Free-motion Quilting with Angela Walters. It was one of my favorites then and it still is now. About the Flower Meander This is a great design to use when you want to add texture to your quilt. The individual flowers aren’t noticeable once the whole quilt is finished, all you can see is the overall design. This makes it a great design for newer quilters. But even though this design is easy to quilt, it’s can have a lot of impact. I have used it in several different ways in several different quilts. I have definitely gotten a lot of quilting mileage out of this design! Fun facts about this design: Before I share the link to the tutorial, here are a few fun facts about the..

The Paisley Feather – A Video Machine Quilting Tutorial

Paisley Feather Machine Quilting Tutorial Who doesn’t love a beautiful feather? That’s rhetorical question, of course everyone loves feathers. Ok, maybe not everyone, but it seems that a lot of quilters love the look of them. But when it comes to quilting them….it can be a little tricky. That’s why I have put together a new video tutorial featuring how to quilt my favorite feather, the Paisley Feather. I want everyone to love quilting feathers as much as I do! About the Paisley Feather This is a great feather for beginner AND advanced quilters. The construction is fairly simple, but the versatility of the design makes a great go-to design for quilters of all skill levels. It can be quilted as an allover design or used to fill in around blocks of a quilt. Once you learn how to quilt it, I think you will be excited to use it on one of your quilts! Tips for Success Before I share the link, I want to give you a few tips to help you get the best Paisley Feather possible! Don’t Judge Yo..

Deciding What to Quilt Blog Series

Deciding What to Quilt – A New Blog Series Have you ever looked at a beautifully pieced quilt top and thought, “I have no idea how to quilt this!” Deciding what quilting designs to use on a quilt can be harder than actually quilting it…..well, sometimes! I am a professional machine quilter and I still have difficulty deciding what to do from time to time. That’s why I am starting a new blog series, “Deciding What to Quilt”. Over the next 5 posts, I will share practical tips to help you choose quilting designs for your quilts. My hope is that by time we are finished, you will feel ready to tackle some of those unquilted tops that you might have lying around. There’s no wrong answer! Before we get to the quilty pictures and tips, I want to first clarify that I am only the expert of my opinion. Ultimately, you should quilt whatever you think looks good….because you are the expert of your opinion. There is no wrong way to quilt your quilts! If you want to quilt an allover design….do i..

Machine Quilting Diamond Blocks – A Video Tutorial

Machine Quilting Diamond Block – Video Tutorial Don’t you just love the amazing feeling that comes from finishing a quilt? There’s nothing quite like it! My most recent quilt finish was for my friend, Julie Herman, the genius behind Jaybird Quilts. Boomerang Quilt By Julie Herman I have quilted many, many quilts for Julie…..while I love the shapes and layouts of her quilts, sometimes it’s hard deciding just how I should quilt them. That’s especially the case when I quilt the same quilt pattern several times. In general, I try to avoid quilting the same quilt pattern the same way twice….I mean, where’s the fun in that? Instead of viewing it as a problem. I like to treat it as a challenge. Doing this really forces me to come up with fun and creative quilting designs…which helps prevent getting stuck in a quilting rut! This quilt was made with her Boomerang quilt pattern, which I had already quilted a couple of times before. So I knew that it was going to be fun to work on. Here’s a ..

July Mini Quilt Inspiration!

Our Monthly Mini Quilt Pattern this month is a new classic! You're going to love the Ladybug Liberty Mini Quilt that was designed for us by Fat Quarter Shop! Fat Quarter Shop is also giving away a $50 Gift Certificate with this month's free mini quilt pattern - CLICK HERE enter. We've had some amazing designers contribute to this free mini quilt pattern series, so if you're just joining us now you can find all of our previous mini quilts in the menu bar at the top of the page and on my Mini Quilt Pinterest Board. Join in at any time and sew along with us - we'll even show off your mini quilt if you send us a picture during the month that the pattern was released here on the SewCanShe blog. Here are the beautiful mini quilts that landed in my inbox this week: July Mini Quilt made by Becky! July Mini Quilt made by Lori!July Mini Quilt made by Robyn! July Mini Quilt made by Susan!July Mini Quilt made by Sharon! June Mini Quilt made by Rosie!June Mini Quilt mad..

Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial – Wedge Star

Watch a super quick way to create a darling star quilt using the Wedge Template and some 10″ squares! Click HERE to watch the full tutorial and shop for supplies.