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Easy No Sew DIY Fleece Blanket

Here in Hamilton, Missouri, the first hints of fall weather are upon us, and we know winter weather will be here soon. Short days and long nights can be chilly, and there is nothing better than curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket. One of the best ways to add some snuggle to your fall and winter days is with fleece, and Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a wide selection of solids, prints and licensed designs that will warm you up in no time! With so many fun designs, there is something for everyone! Check out our full array and patterns for using this fuzzy material HERE (pajama pants, need we say more?!)! Perhaps the most popular way to get your fleece fix is by creating a No Sew Fleece Blanket. When we want a quick break from the sewing project we’re working on, this blanket is a fan favorite here at Missouri Star! It is a fantastic way to make a quick and easy gift, and a fun project to make with your children or grandchildren. We have such a great time making the..

Town Square Quilt Tutorial

The town square is a gathering place. Here in Hamilton, we get together at Thanksgiving time to light up the Christmas display and welcome Santa Claus to town. During the summer we enjoy movies under the stars. And every September we invite the whole world to join us for our annual Birthday Bash and JC Penney Days celebration. These traditions bring us together as a community; we become friends as well as neighbors. Of course, we always bring a quilt or two for coziness! Today Jenny is working on the Town Square quilt. This is a quick, easy pattern that is perfect for neighborhood adventures. Click HERE to watch the tutorial! Click HERE for a free printable PDF of this quilt to have easy access to your supplies list.

Halloween Bunting Quilt

The Halloween Flags quilt is finished! This might be a record for me. Starting and finishing seasonal quilt in the same season, in time to enjoy it before the actual holiday. The post Halloween Bunting Quilt appeared first on Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog.

Grand Square Quilt Tutorial

Square dancers really have to know their stuff! When the caller shouts out, “See saw the taw!” or “Allemande thar!”, they weave in and out of intricate formations with ease. Experienced dancers have up to 2,000 different moves memorized and ready to perform at a moment’s notice. And when they form the Grand Square, it’s quite a sight to behold! This week Jenny is working on The Grand Square Quilt, but don’t worry! This block is quick, simple, and oh, so pretty! Click HERE to watch the tutorial. (And keep an eye out for a bonus Do Si Do Quilt tutorial at the end!) Jenny not only created the Grand Square Quilt but also, this darling Do-Si-Do Quilt just by cutting the block from Grand Square!

What’s on the Cutting Table + Thank you

Today’s post is a bit of a hodge-podge of various things that have been on my mind and cutting table. First of all: THANK YOU!! The post What’s on the Cutting Table + Thank you appeared first on Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog.

Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial – Houndstooth Quilt

The Houndstooth is such a fun, classic pattern, but what makes it even more great is that we have mastered the simple way to create it! By using a couple 5″ squares and some background fabric you are sure to have a gorgeous quilt in no time at all!

The Absolute Best Way to Practice Free-motion Quilting

Almost every month I travel and teach free-motion quilting to quilters at guilds and quilt shops. I truly love it and I hope that everyone who takes a class from me enjoys it as well! But, inevitably, there comes a time in every class where I have to break the bad news… get better at machine quilting, you have to practice. I know, I know. It’s not exactly what you (or anyone for that matter) wants to hear. I so wish that I had that one tip, trick or even funny joke that would instantly make you a great machine quilter….But, unfortunately, I don’t. But before you leave my website in frustration…..there is hope! While you do have to practice, I have the absolute best way to practice machine quilting. It’s a technique from my soon to be released book, “Free-motion Meandering” a beginner’s guide to machine quilting. I developed this practice technique from teaching more machine quilting classes than I can count. It makes learning machine quilting manageable and helps prepare you for..

Birthday Bash 2017 Recap

There’s no party like a quilting party and our Ninth Birthday Bash was no exception! What better way to celebrate 9 years in business than with fun, games and fabric and a game show theme to keep the show rolling throughout the celebration? The best way to start a Birthday Bash is with a Dinner with the Doans! The Doans, plus 200 of our quilting family, joined us for dinner, dessert, and of course, a little friendly family competition. This year the Girl Doans squared off against the Boys for an entertaining version of Family Feud. The Boys earned the victory on this night, but we know the Girls will be ready for a rematch! Before birthday festivities officially kicked off, we snapped our traditional all-employee family photo in front of our newest mural in Hamilton. We think the gang looked absolutely electric in the lime green t-shirts! The gang’s all here for our traditional employee photo before the start of Birthday Bash 2017! All three days were bursting at the seams with g..

Two Way Street Quilt Tutorial

On August 14, 2010, a massive traffic jammed formed on the China National Highway. The tangle of cars was so gridlocked, drivers were inching forward at a pace of just over a half mile per day. It took a week and a half for traffic to pick up again, and some folks were stuck on that road for five whole days! Today’s new quilt, Two Way Street, may resemble a traffic jam with cars facing every which way, but this block is so quick and easy, you’ll breeze through at full-speed! Click HERE to watch the tutorial! Click the diagram above for the printable/downloadable PDF for this quilt!

How Can I Help?

Oh my goodness. So much commotion going on in our world. And too much suffering. The post How Can I Help? appeared first on Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog.

Once is a Mistake, Twice is a Design Choice

What happens if you start quilting a design and you don’t like how it looks? (You know it’s going to happen…..) Well, the last thing I would suggest is to rip it out. No one becomes a better quilter from ripping out quilting! Instead, if you don’t like how it’s looking, switch to a different design. It’s that easy! But in order to make it look intentional, I would make the same mistake again. To sum it up, “Once is a mistake, twice is a design choice.” In this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show, you’ll get to see this in action. But this isn’t something I just do in YouTube videos, I do all the time! Don’t believe me? What if I could prove it using a well-known quilt of mine, Impracticality? It was not only on the cover of a magazine, it was also on the cover of my book, “Quilting Is My Therapy“. With all that kind of press, the quilting must have been completely perfect, right? Come on, surely you know me better than that! When I started quilting Impracticality, I had thi..

Making Mistakes and Straight Lines with Rulers

So have you ever made a mistake a quilt? Silly question, right? Of course you probably have……’s just a part of quilting. But have you have made a big mistake when everyone was watching? Or even when it was being recorded? I can say that I have….and to make it better (or worse) it happened on the latest episode of the Midnight Quilt Show……ugh. Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I am ok with not being a perfectionist. I am also more than ok with sharing my mistakes….it’s how we learn, right? Well…..mistakes aside, it still a gorgeous quilt pattern with bright and bold colors. The quilt pattern is called Tiled Stars and the fabric used is the boundless solids. Before you watch the episode (and my epic mistake), I want to talk a little bit about the quilting. Over most of the quilt, I machine quilted a wavy all-over design. I could say that I love the texture it provides for the quilt (which I do) or I could say that it adds movement to the quilt (which it does). Truthfully, I..

Working with Wool – The Itty Bitty Club Pattern with Jenny and Leonie Bateman

Grab your stapler, glue stick, and sandpaper, friends! We have a project to make! I know, I know, those aren’t traditional quilting supplies, but we’re working on something extra special today. Leonie Bateman is the queen of wool applique, and she’s here to demonstrate a quick and easy way to transform Riley Blake’s wool precuts into beautiful masterpieces. Her “glue and staple” technique is so simple and fun, you’ll be stitching wool for days! Click HERE to watch the tutorial! Click the button below to watch the full tutorial and shop Leonie Bateman’s collection!

The Quilt, my friends, is blowing in the wind…

Some of you may remember the improv Log Cabin quilt blocks I was making last winter using my abundant plethora of red scraps. Well, for weeks now, I’ve driven past this farmer’s pumpkin patch with cheery sunflowers and thought, I need to get those blocks all pieced together so I can get a picture of the quilt top at least, before those sunflowers are gone. Here’s how that photo shoot went. The post The Quilt, my friends, is blowing in the wind… appeared first on Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog.

The Quilt top, my friends, is blowing in the wind…

Some of you may remember the improv Log Cabin quilt blocks I was making last winter using my abundant plethora of red scraps. Well, for weeks now, I’ve driven past this farmer’s pumpkin patch with cheery sunflowers and thought, I need to get those blocks all pieced together so I can get a picture of the quilt top at least, before those sunflowers are gone. Here’s how that photo shoot went. The post The Quilt top, my friends, is blowing in the wind… appeared first on Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog.

Join Me for Build A Quilt: A New Block of the Month Experience

I can’t believe that it have been almost 2 years since I opened my quilt shop. It has been quite the learning curve, but I am sure having fun trying to figure it all out. Although I have to admit that being only 45 minutes from Missouri Star Quilt Company sure does help! This week at the shop, I launched a new block of the month program called Build A Quilt. After putting it all together, it occurred to me that maybe you all would want to quilt along with me as well. What is Build A Quilt? Build A Quilt (BAQ) is an exciting and easy way to complete a customized quilt, one block at a time. The quilt, which I designed exclusively for the shop, includes 12 blocks, 2 different color ways and 4 layout options. How to Join Joining BAQ is easy! All you have to do is pay a one time registration fee. Then, once a month, I will mail you the fabric and pattern to make that month’s block. Who doesn’t love happy mail?! But this is about more than just making a quilt! Participating in the BAQ Fa..

National Sew a Jelly Roll Day 2017

Our friends at Moda are hosting “National Sew a Jelly Roll Day today, Sept. 16, and we are super excited! We couldn’t resist such a tempting invitation to break into our stash of sweet 2.5” fabric strips, so we thought we’d share some of our all-time favorite Jelly Roll projects! First one up is the Jelly Roll Race Quilt, a fantastic quilt for a beginner, and a wonderful way to show off an entire jelly roll! We think this Poetry Prints Jelly Roll would make a florally fragrant Jelly Roll Race Quilt. Another fast and easy fabric strip creation is the Stack and Flip Quilt! It looks great in rainbow colors, but a Colors of Moda Blue Jelly Roll would create a blue sky or oceanic effect. Add some applique for a fun spin! If you want to use a jelly roll to create a bag to hold…ahem…more jelly rolls, then check out Man Sewing’s Folded Fabric Strips Bag! This sturdy and spacious bag can catch all those fabric shopping trip finds, and a Coney Island Jelly Roll would make an absolutely divin..

Patchwork Quilt Along – Free September Block

I’ve been catching up on my Patchwork Quilt Along blocks. I love watching the nice stack of blocks that is accumulating. I’m up to 54 blocks! The post Patchwork Quilt Along – Free September Block appeared first on Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog.

Summer Camp Quilt

Many years ago, Jenny took her very first quilt class. Even though she was already an accomplished seamstress, quilting seemed a bit daunting. During that class, she learned how to make a log cabin. And when she realized how simple and versatile that little block can be, a fire was lit! Before the class finished, Jenny had completed 12 quilts – and she’s never stopped quilting! Today’s new quilt is a fun variation of a log cabin quilt! Click the above diagram to view the free printable PDF!

Busting My Stash on the Midnight Quilt Show

If there is one thing I know about quilters, it’s that we love fabric! We love touching it, folding it, and even collecting it. In this week’s episode of the Midnight Quilt Show, I do a little “stash-busting” with a pattern that I designed. Shattered Frames Quilt I am not going to say that I have a large stash….instead, I will just say that I have been avidly curating fabric for quite some time. I finally decided to put some of my previous fabric to use and designed a quilt pattern that is perfect for several different prints. This quilt pattern is kinda like controlled improv piecing. It can be as random or as planned out as you’d like, which definitely fits my piecing personality. I love how I can make the fabric wrap around the corners without worrying about exact placement. I don’t know what that says about me, but if it’s wrong….then I don’t want to be right! Fondling Fabrics Digging through my stash was almost as fun as making the quilt! It was hard to narrow it to a just a f..