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Little Couch Potato Siesta Blanket

"This Little Couch Potato Siesta Blanket was crocheted over the course of one weekend (at a relaxed pace), with 3 cakes of Pool Party Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn. The yarn was easy to work with and except for the final row of the project I let the colors come out of the yarn cake as they were dyed. The last row I removed a small section in the dark blue in order to use the next color in the ball to complete the final 2 rows in the same color. Two separate colors over the final 2 rows did not fit with the flow of the rest of the blanket. So if you end up in a similar place after you reach row 50 consider cutting out a small section and allowing the next section to take its place to make the blanket color flow a bit more smoothly. This was a very relaxed and simple project to crochet. I love the striped effect created by the yarn and not having to sew in a bunch of yarn ends! Great for gifts, baby showers, children, floor blankets and cuddle time! Drews finished blanket measures 40 inche..

Still in the kitchen

Thank you all so much for all the kind words about our little Millie. It took me forever to read all the comments*, because I could only get through so many before dissolving again, and I’m trying to move past this phase where I weep desperately about a cat 43 times a day. The world is full of big and important things, and here I sit, completely trashed over a tiny mammal. Her food and water bowls are still in the kitchen, neither of us seem to be able to get rid of them, and we haven’t had a conversation about her box, or her scratching post. These little artifacts – her brush, her comb, the jar of catnip… we’ll have to do something about them I suppose, but for now, we avoid looking at all of it, and don’t talk about it. Even knitting has been a bit hard, since she always sat right beside me while I did it, and her absence triggers the aforementioned weeping. I’m not really a weepy person – so I don’t know how to knit and weep at the same time, and it turns out that just holding your knitting doesn’t get much done. ** I’m trying to change that today though, because Robyn is still pregnant, and although she has plenty of sympathy for the loss of a pet, I can’t imagine she’ll have patience for it much longer, and despite a baby or two having broken my streak, the suspicion lingers that babies don’t come until their blanket is done. I don’t want her thinking that her continued condition is my fault. I’ve not been carrying it with me because charts and huge blankets aren’t good around-the-town knitting, but today I’m packing it along. It’s starting to feel impossible to finish the thing, and that means I need a big chunk of knitting time to get ahead of its inertia. I swear I’ve poured an entire other ball of yarn into it and you can’t really tell. This may mean that I’ve done that thing where the blanket is bigger than I thought again, but no way to know until it’s not so scrunched up on the needles. We’re going to war, this blanket and I. It ends here. It ends now.*** *Thanks too for the Rally donations in Millie’s memory. They are very touching, and make me laugh, which is a lovely antidote to all that weeping. That cat didn’t even know what a bike was. **It is raining again, so that picture looks like I took it at night. I swear I don’t know how many more rain days I can take. ***Ok not now- there’s a lot of the edging to go, but it was a satisfyingly dramatic thing to type.
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Toy Box Yarn

This incredibly soft and summery yarn bundle from Premier Yarns is the best yarn to use when making sweet little baby blankets, sweaters, hats, or booties. One skein is 109 yards of 2-ply acrylic yarn that is #5 Bulky Weight and the colors are just absolutely gorgeous. Bright and beautiful, this soft yarn will cuddle your children or grandchildren till no end. Not only is this yarn easy to work with, but it is machine washable - making this a very practical yarn to work with for any project!
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Monkey Face Appliqué

"Sweet smiley and cheeky monkey face appliqu, monkeys are such lovable creatures and Im sure your family and friends will love a gift adorned with this one. It can be crocheted up in no time at all depending on your hook speed lol, its so simple and super cute, the bows are optional, but I think it gives it a personality, add to many projects such as bags, cushions covers, baby children's clothing, blankets, etc."
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Lauren Brown

Lauren Brown is the girl behind the Daisy Cottage Designs blog. After graduating from college, Lauren taught third grade until she and her youth pastor husband had their first baby. Now a SAHM to two little girls, she enjoys writing crochet patterns, blogging, and doing fun projects with her kids. Lauren offers over 25 free crochet patterns on her blog ranging from baby blankets to animal hats. Check out her free patterns page to see all of her fun designs. Connect with Lauren on Facebook and Instagram.
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Crocodile Crochet Baby Blanket

Babies will love cuddling in their crib with this sweet Crocodile Crochet Baby Blanket. Bernat Softee Baby yarn is used to work up this free crochet afghan pattern. It's a square shaped blanket that measures approximately 35 inches across. The crocodile stitch is used to create a nice visually appealing design that is great for both boys and girls. Homemade crochet blankets like this are always treasured for years to come. It's a wonderful gift idea for any new mom.
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Rainbow Sunshine Lovey Blanket

Hello, sunshine! This precious Rainbow Sunshine Lovey Blanket is perfect for any little baby. This bright, multicolored blanket will look great in any nursery room. The lovey is a popular style of baby blankets that is a bit smaller than your typical crochet baby blanket, and it sometimes also has a little object attached to it (often times an animal such as an elephant, puppy dog, lamb, etc). This one has a smiling sunshine that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face - both babies and adults.
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Small Bow

"A cute and pretty small bow pattern for you to crochet, they are great to make and can be used to adorn anything ie household things, shoulder bags, headbands, baby coats, blankets etc. Add a clip to the back and use it as a hair clip or a childs brooch. It works up in a matter of minutes, and is an ideal crochet pattern for the beginner crocheter too. The bow measures approximately 1 Inch x 2.5 Inches, though you could use a thicker yarn and larger hook than I have used if you want to make it bigger."
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Toddler Car Pants

"The car pants are specially designed for those toddlers that hate blankets or anything to wrap them up at nights. The upper part is a road with police car and a jeep (there is link to how to crochet both in the pattern) but you may use any other embelishment you like. The pants are wide enough to allow additional lining. The pattern is made for 4-5y old kid, can be adjusted for different sizes if you use different hook size."
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Small Crochet Flower

"This sweet small flower applique, has just 3 rows, its so easy to make, it is great for the beginner crochet to practice with, create as many as needed to enhance your skills and then use them to decorate your next project. If like me you have a bag full of little balls of wool, use them up by making this flower, as it uses very little yarn. Use on hats, blankets etc. Beware though they are addictive lol!"
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Childs Ombr Pullover Vest

"This beginner-friendly child's vest was designed to meet the donation requirements for Wool-Aid, Inc., a charity that provides accessories, garments, and blankets to children living in some of the worlds coldest climates. You can learn more about Wool-Aid and get the free crochet pattern on Underground Crafter. This simple pattern is a great first garment project. Skills used Basic crochet stitches chain, half double crochet, single crochet, slip stitch Working in rows Holding two strands of yarn together"

Miss Vesper Makes Her Debut: Butterick 6226

Good afternoon, kittens! As my five month lapse in blogging may tell you, sewing dropped low on my priority list in 2017. This has been an eventful year, in both extraordinary and harrowing ways. We've planned and unplanned international moves (on hold for a few years), grappled with the possibility of major career changes (avoided, thank heavens), and are now getting ready for a new family member this fall. That last one is, obviously, the biggest and best news. We'll be welcoming a wee baby girl in September! Sam and I couldn't be more excited about this incipient little one. We've decided on her name, picked out a nursery theme, and looked at reviews of more strollers than I knew existed. What I haven't done much of, however, is maternity sewing. After confirming that everything was on track in early February, I canvassed the internet for maternity patterns, ordering scads of both contemporary and vintage designs. Then...promptly sewed none of them. Did yo..
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Afghans for Afghans

Crochet some free afghan patterns any time of year for this amazing charity Afghans for Afghans, which is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and more.
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Blankets for Deployed Daddies

This is an amazing charity that allows you to make blankets for those daddies who are deployed. Many fathers don't get to see their newborn until they're a bit older. This charity is heart-warming so make a free crochet pattern today.
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Snuggles Project

The Snuggles Project is a very important project for Hugs for Homeless Animals. You can crochet a blanket for a helpless animal that was put in a shelter. These snuggle blankets provide comfort both physically and mentally. Help these animals.
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‘SIBOL’ – Sunshine International Blankets of Love

We are an on-line Crocheting Group busy all year making 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly in Nursing Homes in the UK. Find out more about all the free crochet afghan patterns.
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ASPCA – The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The ASPCA works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide. All the animals could use blankets, dog sweaters, toys and more. If you have a heart for these animals crochet for this charity today.
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101 Adorable Crochet Blanket Patterns for Babies

It's time for you to work up crochet blanket patterns that are as cute as your baby. 101 Adorable Crochet Blanket Patterns for Babies has collected the best, brightest, and most adorable free crochet patterns for baby blankets that you could imagine, which is no less than your little treasure deserves. If you are searching for that holy grail of baby shower gifts or want to work something up while you're expecting, these 101 options will give you options galore.
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How to Crochet the Feather and Fan Stitch

Learn How to Crochet the Feather and Fan Stitch when you watch this super helpful video tutorial. This is a truly gorgeous crochet stitch that you can use for a multitude of different projects. Plus, the feather and fan stitch is an elegant and unique looking stitch that makes truly gorgeous shawl and blankets. You can really let your imagination run wild with what you would like to use this crochet pattern for. The repeating rows in this feather and fan crochet stitch make this a wonderfully easy stitch to master!
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