Hi there, I am the owner of a small startup business making heat welded bicycle bags. I have spent the last few months prototyping and honing in my skills in the heat-welding area to make my bags. My bags must use a Reel-Based Closure by design. This is where the trouble starts. Although I am lucky enough to not have to pick up a needle and thread for the whole rest of the bag, the plastic reel housing must be stitched onto the bag, and there isn't really a way around it that I can see. Does anybody know how you might attach such a thing? I took it to a local outdoor gear repairer, and she was about as befuddled as I am, so I'm just not sure how to move forward with it. I believe her main worry is that there just isn't really enough room to get in there and sew it using her machine. I'd love to hear ANY ideas anyone has. Thanks!

Additional photos: Front and back side of the part needing to be attached, prior to holes being drilled through it. I am working on a jig to be able to drill uniformly spaced holes in each unit, but have not drilled them yet due to not knowing what the best spacing or pattern is yet.

Finished BOA System sewed onto a different product.

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