Hi everyone! This may be a bit unusual, but I'd appreciate some perspective…

I'm writing a story starring, among others, Aunt and Niece. Niece is a young, rebellious teenager who resents being told what to do. Aunt is elderly, stridently old-fashioned, and a bit of a hard case–and, most significantly for this thread, she's a talented seamstress, and cross-stitches to relax. As should be clear, Aunt and Niece don't get along.

By the end of the story, Aunt and Niece learn to, if not get along, at least to work with each other. I'm thinking I'd like to end the story at Christmas, with an exchange of gifts. I'd like Niece's gift to Aunt to be small but meaningful, perhaps even symbolic, showing that Niece is now comitted to working with Aunt instead of harassing her at every turn. However, as a non-sewer myself, I have no idea what would be appropriate (high-quality needles? Patterns for difficult pieces she's been wanting to make? Patterns for more up-to-date fashion, so she's not so completely out of the loop?)

So, any ideas for what might be nice?

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