Monday, October 23, 2017

My daughters favorite book character is coming to life this Halloween....

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Beach Ball Dresden Quilt Tutorial With Special Guests

They say less is more, but what if we’re talking about ice cream? Because in my book, a double scoop outscores a single scoop every day of the week. And after watching this week’s new tutorial, I think you’ll agree: a Double Wide Dresden Ruler is much more fun than a single! This week Barb and Mary of Me & My Sister Designs are in the studio with Jenny to whip up some dresden magic. Click HERE to learn how to use their double wide template to make a beautiful Beach Ball Dresden Quilt!

Teddy Bear Clothing Patterns?

Teddy bear needs some new clothes. He's 17 inches and can fit into most Build a Bear clothes. I'd prefer patterns that use woven fabric over knit fabric as I'm not feeling adventurous and am way more comfortable with woven fabric. I realize I could buy them, but I thought it might be fun to try and make some. submitted by /u/traveltheworld321 [link] [comments]

Tutorial: Black cat Halloween treat pouches

Even small treats can be made special when you take some care with the presentation. Jodie & Jen from Eighteen 25 show how you can make these black cat pouches to hold Halloween treats. You won’t believe what they use… Read more ...

Apache Tears Made Flat And Round

"This stitch is as beautiful as it is timeless. Looking at it might make you believe that is hard, but is absolutely not. You simply need to know how to crochet single crochets and treble crochets as well as understand where to place them. this tutorial comes with lots of photos and 2 videos in order to learn how to make this stitch flat and in a round. I hope you enjoy this stitch as much as I do."

Crochet Utility Mini Basket

"Looking for something quick and useful to make? These handy crochet utility baskets are just the project for you! These little crochet baskets are ideal for storing small things. Use them to store your jewelry, hair accessories ,sewing accessories....craft utility items...just about anything!!!!! Get creative and make them in different colors or any variety of yarn for your different things. Materials Used- Bulky Yarn of your choice 8 mm Crochet Hook or any hook according to the yarn you choose."

Secret Pumpkin Tissue Box Cover

"This Secret Pumpkin Tissue Box has a secret! It hides the fact that it is a tissue box cover by using a piece of the pumpkin with stem as a lid to cover the opening for the tissues to come out. The wonderful thing is that this pattern is fast and easy to make and perfect for any house as decoration or as a house warming gift. You will want to make lots of these pumpkins!"

Rustic Elegance Canning Jar Cozy Set

"There is something about fall decor that makes my heart happy. I don't know if it's the rich earthy hues, or how cozy everything looks in the autumn sunlight, but it fills a special place in me that nothing else can. This past week Fall arrived at my place, and between the just-changing leaves, and the smell of frost in the air, I felt the need to crochet something that would fit the mood. These canning jar cozies combine the rustic farmhouse feel of hemp with the elegance of lace for a unique home decor piece that you can make in an hour or so. These would also make great gifts when giving away home-canned jams, jellies, preserves, or fruit to friends and neighbors."

Advice needed for novice- Attaching drilled Plastic to fabric

Hi there, I am the owner of a small startup business making heat welded bicycle bags. I have spent the last few months prototyping and honing in my skills in the heat-welding area to make my bags. My bags must use a Reel-Based Closure by design. This is where the trouble starts. Although I am lucky enough to not have to pick up a needle and thread for the whole rest of the bag, the plastic reel housing must be stitched onto the bag, and there isn't really a way around it that I can see. Does anybody know how you might attach such a thing? I took it to a local outdoor gear repairer, and she was about as befuddled as I am, so I'm just not sure how to move forward with it. I believe her main worry is that there just isn't really enough room to get in there and sew it using her machine. I'd love to hear ANY ideas anyone has. Thanks! Additional photos: Front and back side of the part needing to be attached, prior to holes being drilled through it. I am working on a jig..

Ribbons And Grace “Wristers” Crochet Cuffs

"These wrist cuffs have a Victorian feel that will dress up a variety of outfits! I have been excited to try "wristers" for a while, and have been looking for the perfect opportunity to make a set. Several of you have mentioned wanting a pair of fingerless gloves to go with the Ribbons and Grace Boot cuffs, and Neck warmer, but due to the way the pattern spirals, a straight thumb hole would have been somewhat tricky to pull off. These cuffs solve that problem nicely since they lack a thumb hole, but still cover your hand nicely."

Pattern Review: Marfy 4001 A-line Skirt

Here is a new twist on an A-line skirt.

Primrose And Proper Slouch Hat (Free)

"The Primrose and Proper slouch hat pattern is stylish and versatile, and I've included notes on how to make this for everyone from toddlers to adults! I've added some extra embellishments (of course--it wouldn't be my design if it didn't!), such as the ruffle that runs along the side of the hat, and an optional clip on flower. However, if you are not a fan of extra ruffles, there are notes that tell you how to work the pattern differently. Because this is made with worsted weight yarn, it works up within several hours and is good for those who are comfortable with "easy" level patterns, but want to stretch their skills a little further."

Great Gifts for Sewing on the Go

Tools for those who sew while traveling

Advice, I want a tailormade blouse, but ++

I want to make it easier on the tailor. I have a green blouse that I love! I would like one in ivory. I have my moms old silk blouse that is 2-3 sizes bigger. Can I give the tailor my moms blouse to shape it like my favorite green blouse. OR would it be easier just to buy the ivory fabric and have them make it from scratch? I just want to make it the easiest and also for the best results from tailor submitted by /u/roxyj23 [link] [comments]

The Chunky Cowl

"Theres something cozy about the way a knit cowl naturally curls up around the edges.I designed a crochet pattern that mimics the same look. The edges slightly curl up to create a squishy cowl that youll want to wear when the temperatures start falling. The ridges give the cowl the perfect drape so it lays right every time you wear it. No need to style this scarf. In this chunky crochet scarf pattern, well use one simple stitch, the slip stitch. Switching back and forth between the front and back loops creates those ridges."

Citrus Scarf

"A super easy scarf, perfect for beginners, you only need to know how to make a double crochet and a chain. It is suitable for adults and children. The pattern is a multiples of 3 1. You can customize it to the required length and width. Measurements approx. 129 cm / 50.7 inches x 13.5 / 5.3 inches cm. Yarn One skein of Alize Diva Silk effect Color (55) white and Alize Diva Baby Color (187) Yellow. Hook 3.0 mm. Tapestry needle."

Lemon Drop Kimono Cardigan

"Learn how to make this pretty and easy crochet kimono cardigan, vest or poncho. With this pretty beautiful blue color and a little touch of yellow. Follow along easy t read pattern only need crochet basic skill like single and double crochet and I have add the little pom pom edge to spice up this pretty kimono cardigan. This can be perfect for your everyday use to keep you in style. Use cotton yarn and 6.0 mm crochet hook."

Heart Baby Blanket

"Perfect cuddly crochet blanket for a sweet baby boy or girl! Pattern includes All you need to know about the materials to use (how much, what kind) Quick print pages. You will not have to waste your ink or paper. Print it out and use it wherever you go. Crochet chart. Easy to see, color coded chart is included. Photo tutorial. Many pages of photos. If you have any question on any of the stitches, or how your crochet blanket is supposed to look like at any stage, you can refer to the photo tutorial section."

Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn Giveaway!

When Lion Brand debuted Scarfie, I immediately fell in love with the long, gradual color changes and giant skeins! And I think you will too! Disclaimer: This giveaway was sponsored by Lion Brand. Lion Brand Scarfie is a soft, airy 78% Acrylic, 22% Wool Bulky yarn that comes in 312 yard balls – huge! So, of [...] The post Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn Giveaway! appeared first on moogly. Please visit for this post. If you are viewing this on another site they have scraped the content from my website without permission. Thank you for your support.

Swing Coat

"Are you looking for a trendy coat for chill days? This one is a cool crochet pattern to hook on. A long coat made of sport weight winter yarn type, with square neckline, overlapped front, elbow sleeves and swing hem. This crochet coat pattern is designed with simple stitches, hence, it would be a fairly easy crochet for crocheters with some experience in crocheting clothes. You can attach a button on the front or wear it with a brooch."